One more time

Does it work now?

Testing Integrations too

here’s another one, does it work?

Testing Integrations

Testing integrations between your site and your various social media accounts isn’t always smooth. This is a post which does exactly that, and should appear on my LinkedIn company profile.

WWGD (What Would Google Do?)

Everybody wants more traffic. Most of that is going to come from a major search engine, and like it or not, Google is the majorest of the major. Here’s a recent article on what they like and don’t like to “see” in a website.

How to Analytic

Probably not the best title, but it’ll hold the spot. Here’s an article on how to get the organic keywords out of that pesky (not provided) group in Google Analytics reports.

And even more detail on parsing out the data:

Hello world!

If you’ve ever written a program, you know “Hello World” is the equivalent of Coder Kindergarten. I like leaving the first blog post title as a little reminder of that beginning point, the first step that connects so many programming languages across the technology universe. Scott Adams said “Technology is no place for wimps,” but I think I can be a little sentimental without being wimpy. If you’re considering a comment keep in mind that I have your IP address.

Oh, now I remember why I was writing. The blog title. That’s another sentimental reference for me. A former co-worker and comedy buddy used to spell what we did “developmint,” and this is a little nod to his minty fresh humor. And it’s also a self-reference to the site and company name, as well as to my interests in photography and typography and Deepak Chopra.