Ancient History

I thought I would be an artist. I took art classes all through junior high and high school, and was about to continue into college, when at the last minute, I switched to Physical Education, for which I had no aptitude whatsoever.

Several majors, colleges and a brief break later, I enrolled in a computer class and became a person with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Science.

The Middle Ages

Upon completion of my university career, the Shell Oil Information Center in Houston enjoyed my services for approximately nine and a half years, in such hotbeds of intrigue as Payroll and Benefits, and finally the then-fledgling EDI team.

My next stop was Curtin Matheson Scientific, where I expanded my EDI expertise and added the laboratory supplies industry to my reportoire. When I went to CMS, I announced that I would only work as a temporary employee, and would stay no longer than three months. Five years later, the company was sold out from under me to a competitor, and I was briefly employed at EDI Works!, but that relationship didn’t work out.

My last corporate home was EC Power, where I engaged in the ultimate EDI activity – supporting the trading hub at Enron. This is also where I got the opportunity (Thanks, Cade!) to dip my toe in the pool of website design and construction, both with the Enron Intranet and the EC Power public and B2B sites, and to dabble in logo design.

Modern Times

Circumstances changed again, and I find myself in the North Eastern part of Central Alabama, and I decided that, rather than hitch my wagon to yet another corporate train, I would take a shot at doing this myself. The name, Illuminography, is something I made up from bits of topics that interest me: design, typography, photography, illustration, all of which require illumination in multiple senses of the word.